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With so much biodiversity in a small geographic region encompassing 12 climatic zones and numerous microecosystems, Costa Rican wildlife is virtually on display in its natural habitat. In fact,...

With so much biodiversity in a small geographic region encompassing 12 climatic zones and numerous microecosystems, Costa Rican wildlife is virtually on display in its natural habitat. In fact, it is possible to see more wildlife in one day in Costa Rica than in a whole Amazon experience.

Whether in cloudforest, humid Caribbean lowlands, arid mountain peaks, dry Pacific forests, mangroves or coral reefs, the beauty of Costa Rica is authentic and accessible. The country`s natural wealth is no accident. In the mid-20th century Costa Rican leadership took to the idea of conservation as the future of the nation. Now 23 percent of Costa Rica`s land mass is under preservation. Rather than devote resources to developing a military, Costa Rican officials chose to build educational and social security programs. Despite the ensuing growth of tourism, the country remains peaceful, friendly and open. Costa Ricans continue to exude appreciation and joy for the treasures of their country.

Holbrook shares that appreciation. So much more than a Costa Rica tour company, Holbrook is an active participant in preserving the country`s natural resources. As a result of leading many guided birding tours to view some of the country`s 870 bird species, including toucans, scarlet macaws, motmots, quetzals and trogons, Holbrook founded the Selva Verde Lodge in the mid-1980s. Today the lodge protects 500 acres of primary forest in the Sarapiquí region. Travel with Holbrook and you benefit from the company`s close relationship with the country. Knowledgeable local experts, who are enthusiastic about showing the intricate beauty of their country, lead Holbrook`s Costa Rica guided tours.

Costa Rican officials continue to address conservation issues that may stem from their initial success in drawing international attention to their country`s astounding biodiversity. Experts are examining and setting carrying capacities and creating platforms of regulations so that the natural wealth is not harmed by visitors or by development but rather protected for the future. Holbrook seeks to ensure that sustainable tourism, authentic exchange, rich local knowledge, and environmental service are imparted and paramount to our travels in Costa Rica.


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This program is full to capacity. Please contact Debbie Sturdivant Jordan at

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