Educational field courses for educators & students in Costa Rica, Galápagos and beyond!










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Customized Short-Course Field Studies designed for the student learners ranging from middle school to graduate studies offering:

• Interdisciplinary Studies
• Investigative Field Studies
• Adventure-Based Learning
• Global Service Learning

Each program is hand-crafted to the instructor’s interests, student budget and dates for travel. Choose a location below and begin the journey!



La Amistad
- Join us as we explore the Private Rainforest of La Amistad. This workshop offers a unique educational adventure set in one of the greatest classrooms on earth – the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica!


GSA Geoventures: The Galapagos Islands 
  - Join us as we explore the  Galapagos Islands with the Geological Society of America.



Working with dynamic national and international partnerships for curriculum and content collaboration, each field program is custom-crafted to highlight opportunities to build knowledge and new skills, all while exploring our world.

Join a workshop or Build Your Own!

Earn Graduate Credit and Challenge Your Global Perspective.  

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